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GBoxMall is the first virtual e-commerce store in Central America, specialized in offering solutions for e-commerce, making it the safest place to shop online. We are an international company that operates in the region as part of the Gutiérrez Logístics group with its own operations in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the United States We are an authorized agent for shipment of cargo and packages using the best integrated logistics to provide a personalized, efficient and competitive service.

Open your FREE P.O. BOX to receive all your packages in Belize!

Our services

You use our physical address in Miami, Fl to receive your package, then we prepare it and send it to Belize to our physical store.

    • Free P.O. Box
    • Unlimited storage in our Miami facility
    • Safe and fast shipments to Belize


 Free P.O. BOX on Miami,FL

We offer you a free PObox in Miami,FL. 

Shop With Your Card

We offer the option of making your purchases with our credit card, charging 10% for the use of the card.


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Relax! Shop and get it delivered at your home in Belize City for an additional fee.